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From the start, we wanted to design a diary for cooks that would be useful in the kitchen.

In addition to the usual calendars, planners, holiday dates and seasonal data, we wanted to add essential information that cooks need to access on a regular basis.

So what do cooks need to know?

Cook's tips at your fingertips

Cooking times for a start. Whether roasting meats and poultry, grilling fish or steaming vegetables, having the cooking times and temperatures to hand in the front of the Cook’s Diary will speed things along nicely.

Storage times are always contentious. We all know people who keep bits and bobs of food and condiments in the fridge for way too long. So we have included a page on what to keep in the fridge, what to keep out of the fridge and just how long should different food types be stored.

Top-side, flat-iron, cushion, noisette, saddle, bucco, collar; do you know the best cooking method for all the different cuts of meat? Neither do we, so we have included a handy table to keep you in the know.

And finally, conversions. Yes, we know they are boring, but they are very necessary when dealing with recipes from a wide range of cookbooks, old and new: dry weight conversions, liquid conversions, spoon measures and cups to name a few! Plus metric conversions from the trusty old imperial weights and measures.

The Cook’s Diary features a mouthwatering recipe for each week throughout the year including starters, light meals & snacks, main courses, desserts, bakes & cakes. See the RECIPES page for a selection of dishes to try.

There is also a collection of 20 speedy recipes to cater for unexpected guests; dips, dressings, sauces and desserts. All are super-yummy and take just a few minutes to prepare.

So there we have it. By combining a great week-to-view diary with weekly recipes plus essential cook’s information, we believe we have a unique book which will help cooks organise their lives and their kitchens.

We hope you like it too!



The Cook’s Diary 2020 is available for just £9.99 from





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